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Nick Simper

Nick Simper

Deep Purple's first bass player had originally been in Johnny Kidd & The Pirates and appeared on the first three Deep Purple albums.  After his departure from the band he formed Warhorse with Ashley Holt, who went on to work with Rick Wakeman, who coincidentally had been in Warhorse at the start but left before the band made it's first and highly collectible album for Vertigo in 1970.  
Simper then formed Fandango in the late seventies. The original vinyl releases from both bands are very rare but the CD re-issues are readily available.  Nick Simper currently performs with The Good Old Boys, whose first live release appeared on our own label last year. 
Simper's career has seen a renassaince since perfoming "the Deep Purple MKI Songbook" with Austrian Habits, which has also been released on Wymer Records.

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